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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  December 5, 2010 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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dan hicks with one final good-bye from hsherwood. mcdowell and tiger gave it their best today, but in the end best today, but in the end mcdowell is the champion. -- captions by vitac --
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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> of prime time showdown. it is being called the biggest game in the year, and it comes to our backyard. home field advantage could help the raisins score another win. steelers fans are known for their towels, each raiders fan will received a purple towel for their support. sheldon joins us live. >> this is what they are passing out tonight. it is a purple towel. the team wants to make sure there is enough purple to go against the steelers. we have been out here an hour, and it does not stop. how long have you been out here.
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how are you managing the cold weather? >> really good. we have chicken nuggets and cooking stuff, and we are ready to go. >> tell us what you are hoping for tonight's game. >> we're hoping to kick the steelers butt. >> i caught up with the steelers fan and what he has to say about walking through raven's territory. >> the good thing is i love the fact that the ravens came to baltimore, because when they took the colts out of here, it broke the hearts of fans. >> people have not gotten tickets. they are being resold for more than face value. he said he saw some people --
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some tickets going as much as 300 or $400. my colleague has more about the game from the 50-yard line. >> tonight is just like everyone hoped it might be. believe me. the weather does not feel anything like it did in july. the coldest night of the year sets up for the hottest rivalry in the nfl. several thousand fans will each receive a purple tal. -- towel. they are careful not to show up anything that turns up in the other team's locker room for motivation. this game is not a war of world -- a war of words. it is much bigger than that.
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>> i think if you do get all of it, it is because of, and respect from both sides. -- we have expected respect from both sides. >> the ravens have won six of the last seven against the steelers. they're looking to make that seven out of the last eight. if they do, they will take first place all by themselves. >> thank you. earlier this week, our sister station had something to say. >> this is the top five reasons the steelers will win. number five, the steelers have six lombardi trophies. how many do the ravens have? >> #4, because james harrison says so. >> it is much stronger than in the dirty bird.
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the number one reason the steelers will be. on sundays because the ravens are really the brown, and that is all we need to say. the steelers are going to win by at least two touchdowns. >> wbal is the only place to watch the game. do not forget if you are watching from friends, upload them to the page of our website, and we may show them. >> it may be exciting to witness the game at the game. it is very cold there, so some of you watching actually have it much more comfortable. take a look at our doppler radar. we do show a little flurry
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activity. eastern baltimore county is skirting the eastern border of the city. some of it is making it to the ground. we have had spotty flurries around town, and the chants may extend to the evening hours. here is the forecast for game time. the wind will be biting. the air temperature will be in the low to mid 30's, but with the wind, it will feel like the 20's most of the time. fox of the stands will have to button up. -- people in the stands will have to button up. we will have more on the forecast coming up. >> police say a 31-year-old man was shot shortly after 3:00
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a.m.. he was rushed to hospital. there is no word on his condition. and deputies have arrested clayton and charged him with first and second degree murder. fisher later died. police believe they may have known each other and he may have been targeted. and they are expected to meet over an impasse over rescheduling. the future is in jeopardy after the commission rejected a proposal that would reduce live racing. the governor is scheduled to meet with numerous groups tomorrow in hopes of reaching key common ground. today on the senate floor, they make sure taxes do not go up for all americans. republicans and democrats say they want to compromise and then go home for the holidays, but they face some hard bargaining
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on important bills. >> with time running out for a lame duck congress, republicans and democrats are softening their hard line on extending the bush era tax cuts. >> i think an agreement could be reached. >> senate republicans rejected two different bills on saturday, insisting the tax-cut remain for everyone, not just the middle class. taxes will go up for everyone on january 1, but republicans say they are not going to let that happen. democrats wanted to raise taxes only on the rich. >> i would be willing to go along for a one-year extension. >> president obama will talk with republicans and come up with a plan. >> we have had more discussion in the last week than in the last two years, so i think that
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is a good sign carriers -- a good sign. >> democrats are going to have to relearn the art of the deal if they want to get anything done. there is a fight over other bills including the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell". >> stay with us. there is much more news ahead. the search intensifies for a missing oregon boy after his disappearance. the latest on the investigation is straight ahead. >> imagine someone listening in on all your cellphone conversations, intercepting your text messages. tonight, how your cel
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>> this weekend marks six months since the 8-year-old disappeared in oregon. the grandparents are convinced the stepmother may be responsible, but police are not able to pin this on her or anyone else. a man says he has new confidence in the case. >> when he disappeared from school, the fact he was missing was not reported for six hours. he talked to us by phone. >> that hurt us. we started struggling, trying to bring the children back in, everybody that was there for us to interview. that's six hours was critical.
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>> 6 -- since then, much of the investigation is focused on the stepmother, but investigators have never formally called her a suspect. there was a time when the sheriff worried it might be destined for the cold case file, but after more than 1000 interviews and 450 specific searches, he says the case has a narrow focus. >> i am confident on what has been developed and the fact that it has a competitive spoke to it. >> the sheriff has a daughter about her age, and many times she has asked some difficult questions about the case that consumed his professional life for six months. >> even today, periodically the question comes up as to what we are doing and why we have not found him. it is my responsibility. >> the sheriff says he has great confidence that in the next couple months his task force will uncover exactly what happened.
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>> it is the inaugural poll. with us. we're here with a preview of the big raven's game, and more than 100 groups participated in the annual mayor's parade. we will take you there next. >> most of the country is very cold, and we are part of that, so we will see if we warm up at all over the next couple days. everyone is getting ready for the big game. 34, but the windchill makes it 34, but the windchill makes it feel like 26 degrees
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>> giant balloon, marching bands, horses took over the street for the 38th annual mayor's christmas parade. the parade was first started by
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governor schaefer and has always been sponsored by local baltimore merchant. about 25,000 people were expected to watch this year's parade. >> now your forecast with john collins. >> look at those people standing out there watching the parade. it reminds me that a week or two ago we were standing in light sleeved jackets or short sleeve shirts talking about snow flurries showing up on radar. it is just on the edge of the city. we may see more of this tonight and more tomorrow. let's widen the view a little bit, and i can assure you the radar-satellite combination, and the brightest light far snow flurries. a lot of that is coming off the great lakes of michigan, ohio,
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pennsylvania, new york state, and a few of these are reaching as far east as the baltimore area. most of the rest of the country is cold, but this is the only snow a part. little disturbances are spinning around, and that is going to help support some of the activity. 49 is a typical high for this time of year, way off the mark. we are not going to get much closer for the next few days. some of you got a trace of precipitation, but not at the airport. 35 in annapolis. and what is 35. it is 18 at oakland. here are the clouds producing those flurries. snowy and windy conditions. the upper end surface low pressure over nova scotia and
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another storm over the atlantic. little waves will be spinning around that new low for the next couple days. each of these sector of the atmosphere and enhances the chance of rain. we are stuck with the cold air. partly cloudy, maybe some flurries. 25 degrees through 29 is the overnight low, but some of those stronger gusts. futurecast force know, even though we are not included in measurable snow, there is maybe as much as 6 inches of snow in the mountains over the next 24 hours, and they do have some advisories' for winter storm warnings, and even some advisory's further down in west
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virginia. clouds and son will be the mix tomorrow, kind of like today. gusts of 35 degrees to 40 degrees. the high will be 36, but it is going to feel like the 20's most of the day. the wind of -- wind advisories are through the mountains, where the wind will be a little stronger and more persistent. here is our in the whether few of -- into whether futurecast. -- instaweather futurecast. by wednesday, things start to straighten out a little bit and become a more typical as far as pattern is concerned, but we stayed cold. morning lows in the 20's. it starts to warm up wednesday
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and thursday. .f for 30's to near 40 thursday keep in mind that 49 if the typical high. i not sure of the sequence of defense by next weekend and on sunday. it looks like -- i am not sure of the sequence of of events by next weekend and on sunday. >> stay with us.
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>> now 11 sports. >> ravens and the steelers in the national spotlight. it does not get any bigger than this in december when you add the fact that the winner takes place.
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they have been testing conditions. it is plenty cold and plenty windy. kickers and cornerbacks will feel the defense. ben has just come out on the field, and he will find himself facing of brisk wind. keep in mind for the last five ravens-steelers games, they have been decided by a field goal. we have a pretty good sense of what tonight will hold. likely a very close finish to say the least. it is not about reflecting on history. it is about making history. >> a whiteout, blackout, purple out, as long as they are in the game, i am all for it. i am all for the rivalry and everything the rivalry is about, but at the end of today, sunday night we do it.
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>> marilyn will take on in east carolina in washington, d.c. on september 29. >> thanks, and do not forget there is only one place you can catch the matchup right here. that does not stop here. we will have the ravens of
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>> called out there for sure. >> especially with the fans. -- cold out there for sure. >> especially for the fans. 3335 is the temperature range, but with those wins, -- 30 - 34 is the temperature range, but with the wynns common -- winds, it will feel like a 20's. dr wednesday and thursday. we are following for a wintergreen knicks on saturday and sunday, but at least temperatures will be in the 40's. >> that is it.
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nightly news is next, and we will see you tonight after the victory. >> the big game. >> following breaking news and >> following breaking news and whether any time at


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